Saturday 24 October 2015

Little known 1918 battle: Battle of Iwuy

Cimetiè re Iwuy carré militaire. Iwuy Military Cemetery Niagra Cemetery, Iwuy Military Cemetery.

Little known 1918 battle: Battle of Iwuy


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A very worthwhile project has been initiated in the city of Iwuy (population 3,232), department Nord, district of Cambrai (region Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France. Michel Lespagnol, resident of the village hopes to pay tribute to all the people who participated in a little known 1918 battle that freed the village on the anniversary date of "The Battle of Iwuy." Lespagnol, retired now from the Railways, has a love of history becoming an amateur local historian of the area, and is requested by the teachers to help explain the great sacrifices undertaken by military personnel. With supporting documents and field trips, the classroom of youngsters are enriched by the knowledge imparted to them about the war effort. Lespagnol feels deeply about the great time lapse between current generations and the era of the "war to end all wars" and worries that after the interest re-kindled by the 100th anniversary of armistice that the youngest will forget these hard times too quickly.
Now a brief introduction to the Battle of Iwuy. "Combining elements of all-arms fighting, the last Canadian cavalry charge, and the only engagement of Canadian troops with German tanks during the First World War. Mike McNorgan's analysis [in the book, More Fighting for Canada: Five Battles 1760-1944] of the 1918 Battle of Iwuy is one of the most interesting and original of the essays in More Fighting for Canada by virtue of the fact that almost no one has ever heard of the action. "1 Click Here to Read More... ________________________________________________________________________________

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