Saturday 4 February 2012

Golly gosh, courage! Shores rise! Shores wave!

Golly gosh, courage! Shores rise! Shores wave!

green papers pondered.

bright flowers whispered brightly

wet flowers agreed ....

Once again I lend my pen.

Verily the heart turns

Again to the open sea.

Ebb and flow.

Soft, rainy tunes fight a rough, stormy wind.

Cold, warm suns calmly love a dead, rainy girl.

Rains fall calmly like a warm seashell.

Desolation, life, and life.

Where is the big whale?

Why does the moon die?

Do or die.

Oh, death!

Courage, love, and death.

Sink or swim.

Where is the misty wind?

Courage, life, and love.

Endure calmly like a cold breeze.

Death, life, and courage.

Rise quietly like a warm reef.

Desolation, life, and life.

Never lead a sea.

Travel calmly like a small cloud.

The sea travels like a clear breeze.

Adventure, death, and love.

The old shore swiftly loves the sea.

Mainlands die like old gulls.

Love, life, and desolation.

The sunny mainland swiftly leads the girl.

Life is a misty whale.

Moons sail like sunny seas.

Lads grow!

The cold ship swiftly loves the sea.

Ebb and flow

Round and about

Where does the sea lead?

Where is my home?

Where will I go?

Yet only One will know.

Grasp the oars

and pull up tight

We're off once more

to a far away shore.

Where dreams still lie

and moon still shine

We're off

Adventure death and life

Set sail

Go forth

Rise anew

Avast don't look below

Keep your sights high.

Never fight a seashell.

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